Hidden Harbor

by Miles Cramer

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To appease my 19 year old self, Hidden Harbor is a humble attempt to bring to sound a battle of desire and inner peace through the muck of heavy emotions and a world of many fruits.


released January 2, 2014

Recorded by Matt Vollrath at 30 Bryant in Asheville, NC July 2011- May 2012
Mixing, mastering and additional recording by Matt Williams at The Eagle Room January 2013 - December 2013
'Dark Blue Light' recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes in Nashville, TN July 2009

all songs written by Miles Cramer with help from the musicians involved.

Miles Cramer - vocals, drumset, percussion, acoustic guitar, piano and keys
Alfonso Graceffo - electric guitar
Matt Williams - violin, electric guitar
Tim Philpott - bass guitar
Tony Black - bass guitar
Max Melner - keys
Sage Sansone - vocals
Wayne Kee - vocals
Amy Smith - vocals, rhodes
Jason Moore -saxophone
Amy Lovinger - violin
Zach Cramer - french horn
Franklin Keel - cello
Noah Wilson - sitar
Taylor Johnson - tabla
Matt Vollrath - bowed cymbal



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Miles Cramer Asheville, North Carolina

Musician and teamaster living in Asheville, NC

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Track Name: Love in the Neon Light
My eyes open,
its another day
and the pressure's weighing down on me.

I'm naked
almost happy
as the music begins.

Feels like five years
since I've said, "I love you"
running from what can hold me down.
So, I left her lonely
in the dark blue light
of dawn.
Now, I'm drinking
till the moment stands alone.

Its another day.

Syd Barrett visions
have changed for me.
Its Christmas time in a haze.

The sun is setting on the city,
love in the neon light.
You make me ache
and wilt when you touch me
but I will never change.

Searching for love
in the neon light,
I hide my heart
in a shadow.

I'm digging a hole
in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I wish you all happiness and harmony.
Track Name: Aquarium
I saw you
in an aquarium.
Your mind on the other side.

pulsed through your veins.
A young mind
open too far.

Your mind
an aquarium.
Nothing was good enough
It was never enough
Nothing was good enough
It was never enough.
Track Name: Cul-De-Sac
A raindrop slowly slides
down my windshield
and I feel the hum of inspiration.

Peace sits like a ghost
on the edge of my mind
numb as the sunrise.

But why should I deny
a sensation
when we all someday die.

I cry
because the winter always follows the fall
high as the first buds sprout from the trees
In the heat of expectation
I fell in love in a dream
then awoke
to find only me.

I cry
just before the dawn
realizing this too will fade
With dark eyes I see
that death may not set me free.

I cry
because all I give
will never change samsara.
Track Name: The Shadow People
It's 6:18 on monday afternoon
and I finally wake up
to a stormy day.
laying in the gap
between the future and the past.
Incandescent lights sleep
in this twilight foreign room
gold from the setting sun
comes to me in blue.
Oh, the summer
strange and long
left me new.

A single light lightly brights the room
and I'm feeling not quite cold or warm
but I know what's on my mind.
Its you
the hidden harbor.

So, Im standing on the tracks.
The train is heading straight at me.
Mistakes I've made
dark compounding thoughts
release as I open
all thats inside of me.

Thinking for the silent flow of awe
in a sea of wet smiles
Shielded from the sun by the earth,
I wonder if I should.
Prying open to
feel the love that binds us all,
I'm nineteen years old
with a head full of drugs
I'm breaking down!

Far between the seams
I deem it fair to be serene.
Wasting time before my prime
I find
Track Name: Dark Blue Light
In the dark blue light
I think I fell in love.
A humid dusk
in a memory,
simple as sleep.

So, I'll say goodnight
if the morning feels this good,
but the dark blue light
has me holding
to this kiss.

It was exactly how
I thought it would be,
so perfectly