Social Circle

by Miles Cramer

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songs about home, death, love and moving forward


released March 10, 2016

all songs written by Miles Cramer

engineered, mixed and mastered by Matt Williams at The Eagle Room
March 2015 - March 2016

Miles Cramer - vocals, guitar, drums, piano
Tony Black - bass
Sean Gaskell - kora
Matt Williams - violin
Quetzal Jordan - cello
Josh Westervelt - voice

**special thanks**
Jamie Paul - tone consultant
Natasha and Stella Cramer - inspiration



all rights reserved


Miles Cramer Asheville, North Carolina

Musician and teamaster living in Asheville, NC

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Track Name: On Happy Crow
I'm coming home
to maple trees
and for me.

Bull Creek will always flow
storms will pass
through the valley.

The future
is what we set in motion,
our love the constant.

I know its hard
to give all you have
and never feel return

but we're in the in between
a carioca dream

on Happy Crow
on Happy Crow
before he comes.

Don't doubt yourself
you'll shine for many people
you'll change many lives

but now is the time of Stella
a time for you and me

on Happy Crow
on Happy Crow
on Happy Crow
Track Name: Expectations
I hope I live up
to your expectations.
Know that I will always
be there for you.

The ripetide may have captured you
but I am here
to take you home
and show you that
the world is full of love.

I know you're strong
and very bright
and you will go far.

I never want you to feel alone in this world.

You have shattered
all of my expectations.
Now I feel a way
that I've never felt before.

Now we are a family
and me
and Tashi
and brother, sister yet to come.
She will always live inside your heart.

Pain and change
are a part of life
that only makes you stronger.

Its getting better.
Track Name: Dia de Praia (Chuvoso)
Dia de praia
nothing ever goes as planned.

We'll make the best
of this rainy day,
Ipanema cold and grey.

As the rain fell hard
the sun shined through
we knew this too would pass.

never go exactly like we hope they will.
In the end
we all will die,
no use complaining about the rain.

As the rain fell hard
the sun shined though
we knew this too would pass.

this too would pass.
Track Name: Banda Aceh
Out in the ocean
off the southeast Asian coastline
a wave came that took
a quarter million lives.

Banda Aceh

As the water flooded your streets
the earth was only shifting as it does.

Nine years later
we were together
on Koh Phi Phi
in the moonlight
underneath our tree.

Tsunami ghosts
lingered in every luxury
as life was growing
out of tragedy.

Banda Aceh

As the water flooded your streets
the earth was only shifting
as it does
the sun still rose
the next morning.

Death is a part of life.
Track Name: You Never Know
If it seems like
its the end of the line
and you feel like giving up.

If you dream
of ways to end it all,
to release from this body

Listen to me now.
I'm speaking personal experience.
You may only be only one day away
from meeting the person
who could change it all.

You will never know the way I feel
if you never try.

You never know

This may be the last time
you look into her eyes.

This may be the last time
you say goodbye.

Your whole world could fall apart
right in front of you.

You never know

is a glimmer of light
in the dark.

You never know

You may change the world
with just one
act of kindness.

All your tragedies
could be your greatest gift

You have everything that you need
right now.

You will never live out your dreams
If you never try.