Tennessee Sunset

by Miles Cramer

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songs about time travel


released March 11, 2017

All songs written
by Miles Cramer
Recorded, mixed and mastered
by Matt Williams
at The Eagle Room
09/16 - 03/17

Miles Cramer - vocals, guitar, piano, drums, keyboard
Rob McConnell - bass
Billy Brouse - keyboard, synth
Zach Cramer - french horn



all rights reserved


Miles Cramer Asheville, North Carolina

Musician and teamaster living in Asheville, NC

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Track Name: Tennessee Sunrise
A Tennesse sunrise
driving up 24.
Dew drops on overgrown
weeds at a run down home.
I spent the night in Murfreesboro
getting lost in the golden sun.

though I was sad.

A psychedelic walk
through a lush green amphitheater.
In the brain forest laughing
discovering our philosophies.


Its strange to find
memories out of business.
Holding on to moments
that passed so long ago.

Track Name: There Is Always Next Time
Walking down the hall
Wallpaper's dripping on the floor
and I don't know
when this will end.

Its hard.
I'm gone.

One more time
lost in the world
of mind expansion
and my feet don't touch the ground.

I only wanted
to feel something bigger
but its hard to hold on
to what I found.

You know I try.
You know I'll fight
for what's real
for what's true,
but this time
I lost.

Walking down the stairs
on a snowy morning.
It's all how I dreamt
it would be last night.

Flying down the hills
all bundled up
like a child with no fear.

I only wanted
to feel something bigger
but it's hard
when time
seems to pass us by.

You know I tried.
You know I'm right.
Next time
will be different.
I'll feel it all.
Track Name: Common Ground
To concede
is not giving up.
It's only making room for you
to compromise
on common ground.

divides us,
scared that they
will take it all away.
But our right to be free
comes with the obligation
to recognize
the many paths
we all take
to happiness.

Happiness is what we all seek.
Happiness is what we all desire.

To concede is not giving up.
It's only making room for you
to compromise
on common ground.
Track Name: Know When To Say Goodnight
Know when to say goodnight.
You should know by now.

Heavy heart
cloudy mind
living day to day.

But in your eyes
I see a wisdom,
as if you know too much.

to change your life
when you're living in the past.

Wasted days
from anxious nights
trying to feel it all.

Know when you have it all
and its only the start.

Life is short
in the second half,
you should know by now.
Track Name: Tennessee Sunset
Its mid august
in a southern town
at dusk.
A humid wind blows.

Fire red and yellow
fill the sky
nostalgia over takes me.

Me and my brother
as kids
playing in our yard at sunset.

The freedom in our innocence
is what I crave
on this summer day.

When moments of joy
fall through my fingers.
You know it hurts me to my core.
But I have everything I need
in you
to feel whole.

Time travel
through Tennessee sunsets.